Is Rain Water Good For Your Hair?

Some people legitimately gather their own rainwater and use it to wash their hair. Some even go so far as to take a bottle of shampoo and conditioner and head outside to lather up.

Why rainwater, you might ask? Rainwater is thought to be more beneficial than any other type of water. Rain water is purportedly called “soft water,” which is beneficial to your hair because it does not dry it out like hard water (tap water). It is also claimed to help with hair cleansing. Rainwater still contains pollutants, although they are not as harsh as those found in hard water.

If you decide to try this strategy, gather your water in bowls or buckets and remove it from the exterior as soon as possible. Otherwise, mosquitoes will take up residence. If there is dirt at the bottom of your water, simply strain it.

Several YouTubers have stated that rainwater is the basis for their hair’s success. It is reported to have softened their curls permanently and made detangling their hair much easier. So, do the rumors hold water? Is rainwater better for your hair than tap water?

I used to run away from the rain because I despised it, what with it being chilly and all, but now I know that rain does not harm you, so I am learning to appreciate it!

So, what are the advantages of Rain Water?

Rain water is known to be excellent quality water that is soft, has a neutral PH, and is devoid of disinfection, salts, minerals, and other natural and man-made impurities. Rain water is preferable to hard water since it does not leave a soap residue like hard water does. Washing your hair in rainwater produces a more voluminous lather than hard water.

However, there are several tips and cautions that you should heed. Do not gather the initial showers. Collecting rain water after a few strong downpours is preferable because the first rains may be more acidic due to compounds from smoke, pollution, and other atmospheric contaminants. In fact, if you reside in an acid rain-prone area, you should avoid using rainwater at all costs. Make careful you collect your rainwater as soon as it stops raining to prevent insects from breeding in it. To eliminate any particles that may have gotten into the water, filter it using a coffee filter or cheese cloth.

Rainwater contains chemicals, but not the heaviest form of chemicals that is seen in hard water. Many people who have utilized rain water have reported that while washing their hair, it feels considerably smoother and silkier. So I looked at it from this angle: water benefits plants and trees, and if they all grow quickly and steadily, imagine how much benefit rain water will have on our hair development.

I do recommend that you filter the rain water before using it straight in your hair, as many people claim that rain water is acidic. But I always bring it back to the place you live in. London had a huge problem with sulphur pollution, acid rain that caused damage to buildings and made our lakes and freshwater more acidic, killing fish back in the 1970s.

During the 1980s, Britain’s environment discovered that levels of sulphur in our atmosphere had reduced by 90% as a result of initiatives to regulate emissions from coal-fired power plants. The government had made significant progress in improving the cleanliness of the air and water.

The only issue we now have is nitrogen on the ground from autos, power plants, and farmers. Too much nitrogen in the atmosphere encourages the growth of weeds, grasses, and nettles, which is not a good thing!!

So I recommend that you filter the water once you’ve caught it in a bucket and make sure it’s adequately filtered. Of course, if you reside in an acid rain-prone area, avoid allowing rain to touch your hair at all.


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