What Foods Are Good For Your Hair?

What Foods Are Good For Your Hair?

A nutritious diet can help your hair stay strong and lustrous. What you eat can also help you keep your hair from falling out. If you aren’t getting specific nutrients from your diet, you may notice a difference in your hair.

We avoid using dangerous chemicals in our hair care products, get frequent trims, and massage our scalp on a regular basis, but it sometimes feels like our strands have been locked at the same length for years. What’s going on? According to Sharleen St. Surin-Lord, a board-certified dermatologist, our bodies require a diet rich in plant-based foods, fiber, antioxidants, and protein for optimal hair growth.

It’s useful to know which vitamins and nutrients are crucial for hair growth and hair health before deciding on the finest foods for hair growth and hair health. Consuming meals high in vitamin C, E, D, biotin, and zinc, for example, all contribute to hair development.

mayo good for your hair

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